Also called Dark Spots is a common skin condition that occurs due to an excess amount of melanin (a pigment found within the skin that determines its colour), which results in dark patches or spots that are darker than that of your skin.


The causes of hyperpigmentation

The most likely cause is direct sunlight, which is absorbed into the skin via melanin as a form of protection. But continual exposure to the sun over long periods of time results in damage such as dark spots and skin cancer. Other causes include medications, pregnancy, medical conditions or allergic reaction. If you develop hyperpigmentation along with symptoms such as redness, flaking, peeling and inflammation then you should seek medical advice.


Treatment of hyperpigmentation

This would depend on the cause, but treating them with active skincare products with brightening and whitening ingredients and in conjunction with laser skin treatments is a good place to start. If you worried at all about your dark spots, ensure you seek medical advice.

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Protecting your skin with our Daily Moisturiser Hydrating with broad UVA and UVB protection is essential to avoid sun exposure and therefore limit the cause of your dark spots.


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