Age Spots

Also called Liver Spots appear in people over 40 and come in the form of flat brown or black spots on your face, hands, arms and shoulders. Not to be confused with Hyperpigmentation. Age Spots are an all too visible reminder of the passing of time.


The causes of age spots

The ageing process is the main reason and the amount of exposure to the sun when you were younger. As you get older your skin is less effective at regeneration, is thinner and more fragile. If you have fair skin or have loved spending your years exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays for that sun kissed tan, then you are likely to form age spots as you age. You may inherit age spots from your parents or family members, as they are known to be genetic also. Age spots do not determine your age, more the consequence of years of exposure to sun, which develop into age spots, as you get older.


Treatment of age spots

These are often an inevitable part of ageing, you can spend your elderly years covering them up with make up or you can treat them with active skincare products with brightening and whitening ingredients and in conjunction with laser skin treatments.

Our Ultimate Serum has been formulated specifically to brighten and lighten skin tone to help with age spots. With the active ingredient Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), a widely-used skin lightening ingredient. A formula to help correct age spots and sun damage for radiant and even looking skin. With active ingredients such as Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHAs & BHAs) to exfoliate your skin without stinging, decongest pores and brighten your complexion. This is a must have product for age spots.

Our Anti-Ageing Regeneration Formula stimulates cell turnover to assist in lightening age spots also, a great day and night moisturiser which will also act as a superior anti-ageing product as you age to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Protecting your skin with our Daily Moisturiser Hydrating with broad UVA and UVB protection is essential to avoid sun exposure and therefore limit the cause of your age spots.


Ultimate Serum

Brightening & Exfoliant

Anti-Ageing Regeneration Formula

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