Dual Pulsed Light

The dual pulsed light (DPL) system incorporates dual mode HR & SHR to increase the treatment speed and client safety as well as allowing the DPL to be used for treatment of darker skin types.

Dual filters ensure you have more of the appropriate wavelengths (colours) to optimise treatment results with increased safety.

Dual lamps with EED in the 15A system provide Even Energy Distribution over the full surface of the treatment spot. Additionally the reduction of stress on the lamps extend the flash-lamp life dramatically.

Dual connectors allow for quick access to both treatment handpiece sizes.

Dual system cooling ensures the DPL will be able to keep up with demands of the busiest clinics.


Benefits of DPL

  • Dual Mode
  • Dual Filter
  • Dual Lamp
  • Dual Connectors
  • Dual Cooling


Light Source
Pulsed Xenon Lamp
Single Pulse & Multi Pulse
SR – 520-670, 870-1200 Notch Filter
540 & 580 – 800nm Dual Filter
HR – 640 & 690 – 1200nm
SHR – Large 640 & 690nm
HR – Large 640nm
Spot Size
Small – 40 x 12mm = 4.8cm²
Large – 46 x 16mm = 7.36cm²
Ex-Large – 12cm²
Output Energy
Up to 50J/cm²
Pulse Repetition
Up to 10 pulses per second
Tip Cooling
Sapphire Peltier contact cooling
System Cooling
Compressor closed circuit water chiller with integrated heat exchanger
360W x 400D x 1200H
Power Requirement
240V 50 Hz 15Amp
Optical Risk Group 3 to AS/NZS IEC 62471.2:2012
Used for Cosmetic purposes only