Our Founder

In Pursuit of Excellence

Sharyn Yelland, South Australian, Proud, Passionate, Energetic and Inspiring….

Recognised back in 1994 a need and great opportunity in South Australia for the development of a multi disciplinary facility for anti ageing and innovative technologies for Skin and Body Wellness.

In 1994 Sharyn with her continued perspicacity in life, developed one of Adelaide’s most respected and iconic clinics that has served South Australia for over two decades now in providing the best technologies, well skilled and trained staff and a world-class facility second to none. Sharyn was approached by a purchaser in December 2015 and sold her clinic with pride and gratitude for a wonderful journey that inspired and motivated her every day for 23 wonderful years.

This freedom enabled her to continue her passion in the research, development and launch of the Aesthetics Rx Skincare range.

Having trained and mentored many clinics throughout Australia since the inception of the Aesthetics Rx Training institute in 2004 her knowledge of the industry and the technologies available have been the foundation of her success.

The wonderful opportunity with developing her skin care range is the abundant experience, understanding and knowledge she has of the needs of the clinic and salon owners with support in the areas of staff development , sales, skill and education that is the basis of every successful clinic.

Sharyn continues her quest for excellence with her winning spirit and care for others, and brings to you the Beautiful Cosmetically Elegant High Performance Skincare Range – Aesthetics Rx.